Gary Grantham

The Game Show Host

Guitars, Keys & Voice

Raised by musicians, show people and arts professionals, Gary was brought up on a steady diet of jazz, the philharmonic, opera, musical theatre, choral music, movies, lots of TV and pretty much everything that wasn’t rock & roll. “I had to discover rock on my own. Now, it’s an everyday part of my professional life.” In addition to working steadily as a performing musician Gary serves as Creative Director and an Artist Representative of the Castle Entertainment Group, based in Burbank, CA as well as Artistic Director of 3000 MIles Off Broadway Productions. With a formal education in theatre Gary loves boots-on-the-ground involvement in show development and production, one of his company’s specialties and he continues to work as a professional stage and voice actor. He was a founding and permanent member of the popular roots rock n’ roll band, The High Lonesome which appeared on numerous television shows, garnered glowing reviews in Billboard, Hits and other top music industry publications, and enjoyed lots of radio play as well as time on the Americana and Alt-Country charts. It was that band, with its full harmonies and country-rock style that led Gary to audition for and eventually lead The Long Run. “I don’t consider myself a band leader but more of a show runner. I think that, in the tribute world we’re not in the music business, but rather show business. That works for me.”

Chris Sobkowich

The Clown

Guitars & Voice

Award-winning guitarist, Chris Sobkowich, hails from Winnipeg, Canada. The product of a musical family, he began his formal study at The Royal Conservatory Of Music in Toronto where he excelled at classical guitar. He went on to win the Manitoba Music Competition for Classical Guitar. In 1999 he won Fender Guitar Warz. In 2000 he repeated his win and played alongside Jeff Healy, one of Canada’s premier blues and jazz musicians. Following his dream, Chris moved to Los Angeles to study guitar at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood where he graduated First In Class with Honors and was dubbed “A Success Story” by the institute. Chris has traveled extensively with such acts as Flock Of Seagulls, The Romantics, Tommy Tutone, Dramarama and Gene Loves Jezebel. And… he’s found a wonderful musical home touring the world with both TLR – The Long Run, and Space Oddity, the Tribute to David Bowie. In his spare time, Chris enjoys watching a great hockey game from his couch while consuming his home-made pickles. Don’t ask him for the recipe.

Berto Z

The Time Keeper

Drums, Percussion & Voice

Berto cut his drumming teeth during the 1980s LA rock scene, playing in original bands in Sunset Blvd clubs alongside acts like Ratt, Poison, and Guns N Roses. But when it came time to dedicate his time to a tribute band, he chose a more classic avenue with the Eagles. One of Berto’s passions is to recreate the songs he plays down to the equipment the actual artists use. This brought him to use a vintage drum set by Tama utilizing concert toms (with no bottom heads). This set up was used by Don Henley in the Eagles’ heyday giving his drums a more focused sound. Berto enjoys being able to bring great music to the public and bringing them some good entertainment.

Roby Duron

The Fingers

Guitars & Voice

Picking up guitar at the ripe age of 12, Roby’s earliest musical influence was his father, a multi-talented musician who grew up in Beaumont Texas with the Winter brothers; Johnny and Edgar, eventually moving to Los Angeles to do session work for producer Gary Usher and then paring up with Glenn Campbell and The Safaris. Roby started honing his guitar skills and developing his presence by joining his dad on stage to play Texas Blues and Outlaw Country. As a member of his high school jazz band and then a music major in college, Roby continued to sharpen his artistic discipline and broaden his knowledge of musical styles. The 90’s filled Roby’s calendar playing original music shows in Hollywood and traveling the states doing cover gigs; five sets a night, six nights a week in Ramada Inn lounges. In 1996 Roby moved up to Washington to team up with a former member of his original band, Scary Go Round and the two founded a new original act, LIT. After a decade of toughening his calluses and becoming a seasoned performer, Roby moved back to California, formed a power trio and dedicated himself to Blues-Rock guitar. In 2005 he became a National Finalist in Guitar Center’s GUITARMAGEDDON and then in 2008 won the title of Rock City News’ – Los Angeles’ Best Blues Guitar Player. In 2011 Roby joined the tribute scene, touring with David Victor, formerly of Boston, performing the hits of Boston and Styx in the popular tribute act BOSTYX. Roby then created his own tribute show, Stevie Ray Visited in which he can be seen and heard energetically channeling the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn. In 2022 the stars aligned and Roby became a full-time cast member of TLR – Experience The Eagles Music. “Joining TLR just fits right into my playing style and the love of Country and Blues I’ve had since the early years of playing music with my dad

Jim Wooten

The Happy Viking

Bass, Guitar & Voice

Jim’s sheer love of making music is easy to understanding given his musical pedigree.  His dad, Red Wootten, was a well-known and highly sought-after bassist himself, playing with such greats as Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Glen Campbell and Frank Sinatra.  Jim’s uncle and aunt were the world-renowned Les Paul and Mary Ford.  When not sharing his infectious smile on the TLR stage Jim can be seen as John Paul Jones, with the popular tribute Led Zepagain and in the CSN&Y show, Deja Vu, as Graham Nash. In his personal time Jim enjoys See’s Candy and napping.

James Brown

The Muscle

Keys, Percussion, Drums & Voice

With his naturally flinty, sandpaper voice James is tasked with delivering the all-important, Don Henley songs for TLR.   A native of New Hampshire, James like many followed his passion to the West Coast to attend the Musicians Institute, studying drums and percussion.  When  he and others recognized his natural vocal talent combined with rock-solid rhythm, he was immediately catapulted into that rare and coveted category of musician; the singing drummer.  Upon gradating M.I. James was immediately sought by multiple touring acts and hence spent the next several years living life on the road.  A member of TLR since late 2017, James brings his humor, warm smile, smoky vocals and sharp instrumental skills to the delight of TLR audiences everywhere.
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