Our most popular option, TLR’s fully-rigged electric show replicates the familiar sound and dynamic presentation of the Eagles’ live concerts and studio recordings, embraced by fans worldwide. A true “Hits” show, this presentation can be enhanced with stunning, synchronized visual media.


Performed primarily seated and with acoustic instruments, TLR’s “Eagles UNPlugged” provides an intimate, charming and thoroughly-engaging evening of entertainment. The show has a VH1 Storytellers feel to it and the songs are delivered with an emphasis on the rich harmonies and lyrical content that makes them timeless classics.

Dark Desert Highway

Dark Desert Highway is TLR’s most elaborate and fully-produced offering. The most theatrical version of DDH places the band on a specially-designed set with specific lighting cues, beautiful video projection and the use of wireless instruments and Broadway style microphones to enhance the thematic arc of the show.We also offer a DDH hybrid show; TLR’s popular fully-rigged concert performed on the DDH set and framed by our striking, visual media.
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